Public health partners with worksite to improve employee health and can also improve employee productivity. 

Worksite Strategies

  • Creating tobacco Free Environments

  • Smoking Cessation Support (Quit Plan)

  • Healthy Eating (Healthy Snack Stations, Catering, Cafeteria Offerings, Healthy Eating Plan)

  • Breastfeeding Support and Facilities 

  • Increase access to Active Living through Access to opportunities and Facilities, flexible scheduling and Active Commuting. 


Success Story: NorthStar Electric

Success Story 2

Success Story 3


During the past decade, employee health improvement efforts in the workplace have spread rapidly. About 80% of all employers with 50 or more employees now offer some form of health promotion effort. A coordinated approach from all sectors of the community is needed as the SHIP initiative works to improve the health of all citizens. Businesses and worksites are a vital part of these efforts and are uniquely situated to support healthy behavior among their employees.

A worksite wellness effort is an organized approach to making the work environment a supportive place for the employee's health. It is one that offers policies and programming that encourages positive lifestyle behaviors such as increased physical activity, improved healthy eating, smoking cessation services, reduced tobacco exposure, and reduces stress. Worksite wellness is fast growing because many preventable health risks can be addressed at the workplace and thereby improve employee productivity.

A comprehensive worksite wellness effort strives to reach all employees, from those who are healthy to those who are sick. The annual return on investment has been $3 to $6 saved for every dollar spent on worksite wellness.