Health Care


Within our healthcare strategies, SHIP has been partnering with healthcare organizations to create a screen, counsel, refer and follow up process to evidence based programs that prevent obesity and tobacco use and exposure.

Strategies Include

  • I Can Prevent Diabetes Classes (Offered in all four Counties)

  • Fall Prevention Classes (Tai Chi or Matter of Balance)

  • Tobacco Cessation Referrals

  • Breastfeeding Support

Success Story: Tai Chi

Success Story: I Can Prevent Diabetes

Success Story 3


Our Partners:

Sanford Health

Lakewood Health

Northern Dental

Click the image above to find out how to talk to your doctor about "I can prevent Diabetes" classes in your area!

Click the image above to find out how to talk to your doctor about "I can prevent Diabetes" classes in your area!

Why Health Care?

We are working to develop relationships among health care providers and community leaders and build partnerships to facilitate active referrals of patients to local resources that increase access to high quality nutritious foods, opportunities for physical activity, and tobacco use cessation. 

While medical groups can provide the impetus for lifestyle change, once the patient has left the clinic, many times the clinics are no longer actively involved.  This can leave the patient on his or her own.   Achieving healthier behavior requires individual change, health care system redesign, and community support.  This broad approach is necessary to achieve and support healthier behavior in individual, and requires that the medical community and community-based groups coordinate their efforts.  This can be thought of a providing a path, not just a destination.

Providing this pathway is a goal of the North Country SHIP implementation.  Initially, SHIP will assist providers in completing a survey to assess the current systems that exist in their medical offices, including the systems that exist to provide a strong and streamlined link to community resources for families and patients.  The Commonwealth Fund Office Systems Inventory will be used to perform this inventory.  With that completed, the SHIP local teams will work to establish a system for sharing community programs and resources with the clinic and the patient, including to healthy behavior, lifestyle balanced programs.

As relationships and communication between providers, community resources, and patients grow, clinics will have a system to implement that will ensure consistent follow-up between medical encounters to assess participation in programs to which patients were referred, to assess progress, to learn about and resolve barriers, and to suggest additional or different activities.


These brochures have been implemented at both Clearwater County Nursing Services and Northern Dental Access Clinic. 

Clearwater County Nursing Services Blood Pressure Checks Brochure

Northern Dental Access Clinic Blood Pressure Checks Brochure

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