Child Care


The North Country Health Alliance (NCHA) is set to help Beltrami, Clearwater, Hubbard and Lake of the Woods county child care providers reach for excellence. NCHA will be hosting four classes in October 2014, that will encourage providers to incorporate proper nutrition, breast feeding and exercise as part of their daily routines. "Children develop habits very early "Providers Choice Director of Nutrition Education, Christine Twait said. "Most children are in an early child care and educational setting, so it's an important opportunity for us to help them develop these healthy habits early".

NCHA will be providing Providers Choice with the opportunity to reach local child care providers with their “Twist and Sprout” initiative. This is an initiative that encourages childcare providers to incorporate proper nutrition, breast-feeding and exercise.

Topics to be discussed during the “Twist and Sprout” workshops will include on-site breastfeeding, proper handling of breast milk, meal planning schedules and active playtime.



Success Story: Providers Choice 2014